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Cairn Marketing helped one of our clients through a potentially volatile media situation. Cairn worked extensively with the organization’s lead executive to help her respond positively to media and stakeholder questions.

Our client, who was inexperienced in media relations, developed the skills and confidence she needed to help move the organization through a situation that could have otherwise hurt their long and well-established brand.

Cynthia Blackwell, Managing Partner: Black Rain Partners

This is an agency that gets nonprofits.

They’ve helped us make key marketing decisions and focused our communications on outcomes. They’ve continually challenged us to think about what action we want supporters to take.

We no longer produce a single piece of communication that does not have a distinct, clear and aggressively sought-after end-result.

Lisa Roberts, Executive Director: Florida Wildflower Foundation

Theresa at Cairn Marketing gets marketing at its core.

She has a keen sense for what it takes to engage customers and can tell stories that build brands. Then, she brings the story home through PR, collateral, digital executions and other communication tactics that motivate key audiences.

Mary Trier, President: Capital Communications & Consulting
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